5 Food Documentaries You Need To Watch

Majority of my time goes in thinking about food, talking about food and obviously eating food. But there is also a time when I am watching movies, videos and documentaries about food. We all have seen movies that have inspired us to walk in the kitchen the minute its over and start cooking. But there are these amazing and eye opening documentaries also, that make you feel the same.

I have watched some over time and probably you have too, if you haven’t seen these 5 documentaries, my suggestion please do!

I am still in the process of watching more and more documentaries or movies about food. But till date I think these are the ones which have stuck with me and encouraged me to try cooking.

Without further ado here are the 5 Food Documentaries which will make you start cooking –

1 – Chef’s Table


Chef’s Table is a Netflix Documentary which takes us to the world of some of the best chefs in the world. How they work, what their inspiration is, why they do what they do. It is an amazing insight on getting to know how these wonderful minds work. Food is just not food but so much more for them. An outlet for their creativity, the inspiration is just magical.

2 – Cooked


Cooked is again a Netflix Documentary based on  Michael Pollan’s book Cooked. It showcases the part that is lost nowadays and which is our primal nature “to cook” To this new world of processed food, how we have lost the art of cooking and how we need to go back to our roots and understand this process. How to live and eat healthy.

3 – Fed Up


Fed up is an eye opening documentary on how the processed food and fast food chains are dominating our world and the adverse effects it has on our body. The focus being on the ever growing obesity problem in USA. An insight on how the big food companies are just not playing with our heads but our future also.

4 – That Sugar Film


That Sugar Film similar like Fed Up is based on similar lines. But has a slight different approach. It shows how a healthy man goes on an apparently so called “healthy food” diet and the effects on his body. It is really interesting on what these food companies will feed you for their own gain.

5 – Spinning Plates


Spinning Plates shows us three interesting and inspiring stories about 3 different chefs and restaurants in different parts of America. From the struggle and hardships a 3 Michelin Star restaurant Chef faces. To the disasters that hit the three generation old Breitbach restaurant, and their will and strength to get up and work again. A story about a hardworking family man who wants to earn money for his family and wants his wife’s passion cooking to succeed.

If you have seen all 5, hifi! If you haven’t, please do. It is insightful, inspirational and fascinating, and over all its about FOOD!

If you have seen some interesting ones please do let me know by leaving a comment below.



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