Crunchy Rose Flavor Frozen Yogurt

Who doesn't like frozen yogurt. NO ONE !!! How we love the feeling of eating yummy frozen yogurt when we go out for a drive or after a tiring yet fulfilling shopping spree. But sometimes making something at home and feeling the same feeling gives you a sense of achievement (that is how I feel … Continue reading Crunchy Rose Flavor Frozen Yogurt


Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes

Great things come in small packages... Same line goes for Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes. Ladurée is a french bakery with delicious luxurious pastries and world famous macarons. The first store was established in 1862 at Rue Royale, Paris after a bread bakery was burnt in 1861. Louis-Ernest Ladurée started it and gave the interiors … Continue reading Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes

A Dream

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” ― Walt Disney So quotes really inspire me. It doesn't matter who said it. Quotes are just meant to inspire to you. That one line that connects with you and gives you … Continue reading A Dream