First Post !!!

First post !!! okay so what to write what to write ?? I have no clue. This is going to be a such an amateur post. But lets give it a try –

Lets start with why ToxicBaker. There are various reasons one being its a family thing my older brother is known as toxicdrift all over his tech community. Every time he mentions his nick to other people they all go like ohhh toxic and they imagine it like it is some other world name. So hoping I will get the same reaction  I thought why not toxicbaker ( I do like the sound of it). And obviously when I told my family about my blog name they all gave me a look and asked why toxicbaker. I thought about it and went in that deep intellectual looking out at the window and staring into oblivion thinking. The thoughts just came pouring out. You know when your so in love that you feel intoxicated. Exactly baking means so much to me that over the years I have become the toxicbaker. If that wasn’t less I also realized that when you are on a diet baking can be quite toxic. I am trying to loose weight since the past two years and not lost an inch why cause I continuously bake and “taste” my recipes. I don’t need to elaborate more on that. Psst. I keep blaming PCOD and my hormones but we all know the real reason.

I think that is the deal with all the foodies and cooks out there. Once you start cooking you wont stop. It is a weird addiction I think they should have a name for it or we will just come up with it. I totally think it is a addiction or a type of a killer disorder. I experience array of withdrawal symptoms myself. When I haven’t baked for days my hands start twitching. I keep looking at the cookbooks lying on the shelf, keep glancing at the kitchen. Eaves dropping on my family’s conversation that someone should just mention I feel like eating something sweet and I will run to the kitchen like my cat does all over the house 3 in the morning ( why that is a story for another post).  When I come to think of it, it has almost been 10 years since I have been baking. Baking started as a simple thing to impress a crush which landed into a hobby and now a career choice.

So starting a blog seemed the next right thing to do. What will be I doing here is a little bit of everything. Which I want us to discover together. Hope you had fun reading cause this is just the beginning 🙂


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