Made In Punjab

Punjabi food is probably one of the most popular and loved cuisines in India. The spicy curries and super flavored kebabs. The crisp makkai ki roti and awesome saarson ka saag. There will be abundant restaurants with Punjabi food but as we all Mumabaikars know we still cant win with the Punjabi food served in … Continue reading Made In Punjab


Foodies at Poptates !!!

Everyone knows about Poptates. Started in probably the '90s it used to be my favourite place to eat when I was young. Being a hardcore Archies fan the idea of a Poptates here was super exciting. Yummy dishes named after the characters like Jughead's Burgers and Sabrina's Sizzlers ( as much as I can remember). … Continue reading Foodies at Poptates !!!

Christmas Sprinkles

So you are on Pinterest or Instagram checking Christmas themed cakes and cupcakes. You see these cute little cupcakes with Christmas theme sprinkles on top. You go online and you cant seem to find them. Well no worries cause we are making Christmas Sprinkles in the house !!! It is extremely easy if your slightly … Continue reading Christmas Sprinkles

Chocolate Pound Cake

December has arrived !!! So has the festive season. I don't know if its just me or somebody else is also out there who loses it when December starts. I just want to keep baking and baking and baking every single day ! So I have planned a few things to make this month. Starting … Continue reading Chocolate Pound Cake