Milk Peda

Peda has been a childhood favourite of many including mine.  Peda like its cousin ladoo is made up of very few ingredients. While looking up on the internet, Peda originated from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Today we all know it as Mathura Peda. From there it travelled to Karnataka, and got it updated version of the … Continue reading Milk Peda


Peaches & Plums Tart

I love fruits. I can literally stuff my face with fruits all day. I like to call them desserts from heaven. Taking these small tokens of deliciousness and using them to make different types of desserts is so satisfying. I love to work with seasonal fruits. Monsoon brings the arrival of Peaches, Plums, Cherries and … Continue reading Peaches & Plums Tart

Cappuccino Snickerdoodle

Its Christmas time! My obsession of baking delicious winter-y goods is on an all time high. This is my time to experiment and try all the new dishes that I have in mind. I made these cookies in October for Halloween, but I had made a huge batch and right now its frozen in my … Continue reading Cappuccino Snickerdoodle

Desi Apple Pie

Okay it has been a while since I posted anything. Well there are two reasons one I am just being plain lazy, second when I am not lazy I am busy baking. So it has been a nice week where I have just been in an almost hibernating state and then suddenly worked crazy for … Continue reading Desi Apple Pie

Foodies at Poptates !!!

Everyone knows about Poptates. Started in probably the '90s it used to be my favourite place to eat when I was young. Being a hardcore Archies fan the idea of a Poptates here was super exciting. Yummy dishes named after the characters like Jughead's Burgers and Sabrina's Sizzlers ( as much as I can remember). … Continue reading Foodies at Poptates !!!

Chocolate Pound Cake

December has arrived !!! So has the festive season. I don't know if its just me or somebody else is also out there who loses it when December starts. I just want to keep baking and baking and baking every single day ! So I have planned a few things to make this month. Starting … Continue reading Chocolate Pound Cake

Crunchy Rose Flavor Frozen Yogurt

Who doesn't like frozen yogurt. NO ONE !!! How we love the feeling of eating yummy frozen yogurt when we go out for a drive or after a tiring yet fulfilling shopping spree. But sometimes making something at home and feeling the same feeling gives you a sense of achievement (that is how I feel … Continue reading Crunchy Rose Flavor Frozen Yogurt