Foodies at Poptates !!!

Everyone knows about Poptates. Started in probably the ’90s it used to be my favourite place to eat when I was young. Being a hardcore Archies fan the idea of a Poptates here was super exciting. Yummy dishes named after the characters like Jughead’s Burgers and Sabrina’s Sizzlers ( as much as I can remember). It was a lovely place to eat or home delivery. I still remember the yummy Ranchos Nachos, Peshwari Chicken Pizza, Chicken Club Sandwich & all the yummy pastas in the menu. I have literally grown up eating these dishes. Over the years as new places emerged and Poptates menu kept changing or updating. Though my love for the food that I grew up eating never faltered. But the quality of Poptates did. The ever changing menus and deleting some of my favorite dishes I kind of lost touch with its food.

Over the years Poptates became this hugely popular hang out with amazing ” Happy Hours ” offers. Whenever I used to pass through the lane I have always seen Poptates full ! The gaining popularity and the opening of new branches in Malad and now in Lokandwalla shows the great success that Poptates is.

I had been invited to a foodies evening in the new ( though open since sometime) Poptates in Lokandwalla opposite Infinity 1 mall, Andheri west. I was super excited as it was my first foodies meet and plus at Poptates so I was being positive about it.

On Entering the restaurant –

The decor is really nice and gives you the feeling that ” just relax & have fun.” You know you here to have fun with friends and hangout when you are at Poptates. I had arrived a tad bit late while my fellow foodies had already ordered a few items. After the introduction and hellos and hi I was instantly served with a few chicken and paneer items. The servers being really nice and sweet were quick to get me a plate and a glass of water.

Though the chicken & paneer dishes that I tasted, I felt were similar to taste. Hoping there is more we ordered some basic items thinking they cant go wrong with these –

Garlic Bread with Cheese
Garlic Bread with Cheese

Garlic Bread with Cheese is a very basic and popular appetizer. You obviously cannot go wrong with it. I love the added color on the plate. But taste –  well it was okay.

French Fries
French Fries

I absolutely loved these french fries. The seasoning was just perfect. It is a better version of Mcd’s peri peri fries.


Grilled Chicken Burger
Grilled Chicken Burger
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Veg. Mexicano Pizza
Veg. Mexicano Pizza

The crust has finally changed (in a good way) !!! I liked the sound of Mexicano Pizza. As it was a mixture of two of my favorite cuisines. I liked the pizza but I feel there still can be some more seasoning to the sauce.

Well as appetizing the food looked I wished it was as tastier. The plating was really good as compared to the taste of the food. I cannot comment on the cocktails cause I don’t consume alcohol. People like me who are going for the yummy food will be disappointed.

I really really want to like Poptates. We go a long way back. But I regret to say that the food has lost its mark. If your looking for a chilled out place to have a drink and catch up with friends then this is the place to be. If you are looking for a great dinner than it is not a place I would suggest. Only good part of the evening was that I met some really good people and had fun. Poptates was the place for my first foodie meet that I will never forget but the food is long forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Foodies at Poptates !!!

  1. plzzz brng in d recipe of veg bombastic!

    1 of my frnds love it n its her b’dae cmng up in next month so plzzz plzzz a very very sincere request if i can get it !!!


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