Christmas Sprinkles

So you are on Pinterest or Instagram checking Christmas themed cakes and cupcakes. You see these cute little cupcakes with Christmas theme sprinkles on top. You go online and you cant seem to find them. Well no worries cause we are making Christmas Sprinkles in the house !!! It is extremely easy if your slightly good with holding a piping bag in your hand and piping on a template…

The process is pretty much simple. What you need is –

– Template of Christmas tree, Gingerbread men, Candy Cane, Snow men etc

– Royal Icing made with meringue powder

– Disposable Piping bags

– Parchment Paper

– Tape

– Tray

– Scissors

– Jar/Container

– Food Coloring

First and foremost I strongly suggest Royal Icing made with meringue powder because then you can store these for a long time. If you will be using the sprinkles in 2-3 days then royal icing made with raw egg whites is fine.

The consistency of royal icing should be thick and smooth.

Now the amazing process


First print the template.


Then take a tray and turn it over. Take the template and parchment paper and put it on the tray, parchment paper being on top. Stick the parchment paper and template on the tray with the tape.

Now take some colored royal icing in a piping bag and just slightly cut a very small teeny tiny end of the bag with a scissor. See if the icing comes out. If you feel it is a very small hole and you need to put a lot of pressure to remove the icing. Cut some more but make sure it is a small cut.


Now draw the figure with the help of the template on the parchment paper. After doing so let it dry for an hour or more.



Open the tape and put a scissor below the parchment paper. Use the scissors edge and  move it left and right. Doing this will immediately pop the sprinkles from the parchment paper. Those which are still stuck you can remove them gently with your fingers.


Store them in a cool place in a air tight glass jar / plastic container.


Let me know how it goes 🙂


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