Sunday Brunch / Super Fun At Punjab Grill

From all my favorite meals I love brunches. For just simple reasons like I almost have brunch everyday. Ya perks of a home baker doesn’t matter when you wake up. But then there is a different feel to a Sunday Brunch especially when its with your family and friends. Its kind of a catching up meal with great food. If there wasn’t great food the Sunday Brunch will be incomplete.

So to enjoy our sunday with great food and loads of catching up with family and friends Punjab Grill has started Sunday Brunch. I got an invite of the brunch through Sameer Malkani of Food Bloggers Association India FBAI. Thank you Sameer cause it was the best sunday I had in a long time.

I reached Punjab Grill, Juhu, Mumbai with my sister. The weather was apt for the day. It was not too hot not too cold. A perfect spring day to sit at their outdoor tables. So me, my sister, Salloni ( Sameer’s beautiful and super cool wife)  and Simmi from geared up for a fun afternoon.

After the hellos and whats up. It was time to take a tour of the brunch. There was a Chaat Counter with serving everything from three different types of Pani Puri to Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, different flavors of Thandai and Lassi. Then there was the Kebab, Salad, Main course and dessert counter.

Chaat Counter

Chaat Counter

Kebab Counter

Kebab Counter

Salad Counter

Salad Counter

We started with ordering some drinks and chaat for us.

Sherley Temple

Sherley Temple

Pineapple Thandai

Pineapple Thandai



Pani Puri

Pani Puri

These were absolutely delicious. They tasted different than our regular street chaat. But had some wonderful new flavors. I could just go and eat only this in the buffet. The drinks were also yummy. Just when I was thinking to hog on the chaats, came the mouthwatering kebabs.

Non veg Kebab

Non veg Kebab

Veg Kebabs

Veg Kebabs

Both the veg and the non veg are packed with deliciousness. The Mutton Sheekh Kebab is to die for. The Chicken Kebabs marination was well done. The Paneer Kebabs and Hara Sheekh Kebabs tasted damn good.

If you are not full after this you can continue with the main course. But if you are almost full like us, you can sit back and relax, gossip, enjoy the weather and then go for it.




You have to try the Murgh Lababdar. It tastes amazing. The Paneer Makhani and Dal are also really good.

And now a meal is never complete without the dessert –





Ya we ate a lot. Now the winner among these is the Moong Dal ka Halwa. But there wasn’t one non tasty dessert there, which kind of made my day cause you know me sweets.

So I definitely recommend Sunday Brunch at the Punjab Grill. It is worth it. Chef Bharath meals are literally finger licking good. It is a perfect place to start your Sunday.


Magnum Is Here

Last lucky Saturday I was one of the first few in Mumbai to taste the delicious world famous Magnum Ice Cream and attend its wonderful launch and masterclass hosted by the celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur. I reached the venue Bungalow 9 Bandra, Mumbai around 1.45 pm.  As we were all seated and waiting for the event to begin. I couldn’t help but notice chocolate samples on the table. Now when there is chocolate samples on the table what do you do. You eat. Its like peanuts at the bar.

Samples of Callebout

Samples of Callebout

After a while and quite a few samplings of chocolate. The event started which was slowed down due to the unexpected rains in Mumbai. Let me clarify everything slows down when it rains in Mumbai. So the event began and Chef Kunal Kapur entered and was greeted with a lot enthusiasm and applause. He was in and we were at work. Chef gave us a brief but informative knowledge on the chocolate sample which was none other than Barry Callebout. He said that this Belgian chocolate being one the best chocolate that is their in the world, is also the chocolate used for covering the Magnum.



He made us taste each sample, explaining the texture and the taste of the chocolate. Obviously no one was complaining. We were like a bunch of kids with a extra knowledge of chocolate. After hogging down on the samples especially the dark chocolate which was the best. Enter Magnum Ice Cream. So now we were a bunch of super excited kids who were eating chocolate and ice cream ( just imagine the sugar rush). I chose the classic flavor from the options of classic, chocolate truffle & almonds.



Magnum Classic


Chef told all of us to hold the ice cream and then stay quiet and take a bite. To hear the perfect crack when the bite was taken is pure pleasure. We all gobbled down the ice cream. So here is a small advise if you didn’t have breakfast, lunch or dinner and you just have one magnum for one meal that will be enough. That thing is super filling. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing. I was literally stuffed with deliciousness.



So there we thought that is it but there was still more. Chef took the Magnum and started plating and decorating it. After that he went around the tables showing us the dessert and then we supposed to do the same with a group of four / how many there were on the table with us. We got the necessary ingredients and did our best or lets just say whatever we could do in 5 minutes.


After that the Chef came around asking our theme or thought of the sundae well we said anything that came to our mind. I am sure even he got confused but didn’t show it.

The best Magnum sundae or whatever you can call it was Mr. Sameer Malkani’s –


So after eating, seeing and making chocolate and ice cream it was time to leave. So guys even you can go and enjoy the pure delicious pleasure that Magnum is which will be sold all over India from 20th February. That is today, so grab one now !!!

Lastly I want to thank you Magnum India and Sameer Malkani from Food Bloggers Association India for the invite and a wonderful time.

Cookie Week !!!

So this week and actually the past week also has been the cookie week !!! Customized cookie was always a scary thing. I used to be like how on earth do they do this. I always thought I wouldn’t be able to do customized cookies. But then one day I got an order from a nearby cafe for superhero cookies. I was like lets do it! After that I got an order of 150 cookies for a princess and knight birthday theme. So after decorating 150 cookies, all your fear for customized cookies just goes away. And then you are like ‘bring it on’. Moral of the story keep practicing.

I actually enjoy the cookie orders more and love decorating them. Though it is a tedious process, at the end it is worth it. So these past two weeks I have got some really nice cookie orders. Starting from –

Scooby Doo Theme Cookies –

Scooby Doo Theme Cookies

Scooby Doo Theme Cookies

These were super duper fun to make. It totally got me back reminiscing my childhood cartoon network memories.

Superhero Theme Cookies –

Superhero Theme Cookies

Superhero Theme Cookies

I have made superhero theme cookies numerous times. But this time there were some new additions like Fantastic Four, Flash, Punisher, Wonderwoman and Ironman. I just adore making the Batman cause I am also a somewhat comic buff and Batman being my favorite superhero I always want to make one extra for me.

Simple Wedding Favor Cookies –

Simple Wedding Favor Cookies

Simple Wedding Favor Cookies

These were simple yet cute wedding favor cookies.

50th Birthday cookies –

50th Birthday Cookies

50th Birthday Cookies

These were a daughter and her husband’s gift to her mother’s 50th birthday.

Every new theme is a new challenge and more fun for me like my next one.

Nail Spa Anniversary –

Nail Spa Anniversary Cookies

Nail Spa Anniversary Cookies

Tips N Toes Nail Spa One Year Anniversary Cookies. The nail spa is located in Khar, Mumbai. Its anniversary is on 14th February so we decided on a mixture of both nail spa theme and Valentine’s Day.

Plain Non Iced Chocolate Cookies –


Finally Mini Valentine’s Day Cookies –

Mini Valentine's Day Cookies

Mini Valentine’s Day Cookies

These are the mini Valentine’s Day Cookies set which I am taking pre orders for this Valentines. They are super cute and a perfect gift for a loved one that too with special budget friendly prices this month. For more info on this contact

So this was how my past two weeks have gone. I have also made these adorable baby girl theme cupcakes but those are for a later post. I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating each and every cookie. Decorating cookies is a long and patient process but once when you are into it. It becomes an addiction and a sweet one !!

I feel themed cookies bring out a child in all of us. I am pretty sure if tomorrow you see a cookie in a shape of your favorite book, accessory or gadget, you will instantly grab and eat it.

Christmas Sprinkles

So you are on Pinterest or Instagram checking Christmas themed cakes and cupcakes. You see these cute little cupcakes with Christmas theme sprinkles on top. You go online and you cant seem to find them. Well no worries cause we are making Christmas Sprinkles in the house !!! It is extremely easy if your slightly good with holding a piping bag in your hand and piping on a template…

The process is pretty much simple. What you need is –

– Template of Christmas tree, Gingerbread men, Candy Cane, Snow men etc

– Royal Icing made with meringue powder

– Disposable Piping bags

– Parchment Paper

– Tape

– Tray

– Scissors

– Jar/Container

– Food Coloring

First and foremost I strongly suggest Royal Icing made with meringue powder because then you can store these for a long time. If you will be using the sprinkles in 2-3 days then royal icing made with raw egg whites is fine.

The consistency of royal icing should be thick and smooth.

Now the amazing process


First print the template.


Then take a tray and turn it over. Take the template and parchment paper and put it on the tray, parchment paper being on top. Stick the parchment paper and template on the tray with the tape.

Now take some colored royal icing in a piping bag and just slightly cut a very small teeny tiny end of the bag with a scissor. See if the icing comes out. If you feel it is a very small hole and you need to put a lot of pressure to remove the icing. Cut some more but make sure it is a small cut.


Now draw the figure with the help of the template on the parchment paper. After doing so let it dry for an hour or more.



Open the tape and put a scissor below the parchment paper. Use the scissors edge and  move it left and right. Doing this will immediately pop the sprinkles from the parchment paper. Those which are still stuck you can remove them gently with your fingers.


Store them in a cool place in a air tight glass jar / plastic container.


Let me know how it goes 🙂