A Dream

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”
― Walt Disney

So quotes really inspire me. It doesn’t matter who said it. Quotes are just meant to inspire to you. That one line that connects with you and gives you hope. So this one here gives me hope that I should start doing something to get closer to a dream, which I am not being able to do since the past five years. So what am I planning to do that great, that it hasn’t happened since the past five years – go to Le Cordon Bleu and do the Diplôme de Pâtisserie course. This all started thanks to my very good friend AK (ADU ) I will hear good things from her when she reads this. Anyways five years back my mind was twisted between some career choices that I had to make. When I was 20 I had made a plan of what my life would be like in the next 7-8 years. Things were going as planned. But then obviously I spoke to too soon. Things went haywire when I turned 21. I was in a no entry lane or dead end you can say. At the crossroads of my life my very good friend Adu who knew about my baking obsession told me about Le Cordon Bleu. The day I went on that website I was so mesmerized. Because till now all I was doing was baking for fun but now I could imagine what all I could do with it.

There was a whole world out there. With great opportunities, with great people and great food. Seeing the website that day I realized my calling. But the dream wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My plans to attend Le Cordon Bleu kept changing and getting delayed for one reason or another. I have been waiting for it since I was 21 and now I am 25 !!! like seriously it is still not happening. But none the less I haven’t lost hope. So my plan from now on is – so what if I cant go Le Cordon Bleu for now, I will bring Le Cordon Bleu at home.

Inspired from Julie & Julia. I have reached a very nice arrangement. A bibliophile that I am I cannot help but finish a good book. But cookbooks I feel aren’t finished if you haven’t tried all the recipes in it. So my plan is to complete the The Chocolate Bible by Le Cordon Bleu. The Julie Powell style. Well I could have gone for Le Cordon Bleu Pâtisserie and Baking Foundations Classic Recipes book but then lets not get too ambitious. The Chocolate Bible has ample of recipes to get me started. It literally has everything that you can make with chocolate.  My only concern is who is going to eat so much chocolate !!! Let me know if I have any tasters reading this.

The Chocolate Bible
The Chocolate Bible

So as Walt Disney said – If you can dream it, you can do it. I will dream on completing this book one day and trying each and every recipe in it and not gaining an inch !!! God willing …

I am super excited !!!


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