Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes

Great things come in small packages…

Same line goes for Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes.

Ladurée is a french bakery with delicious luxurious pastries and world famous macarons. The first store was established in 1862 at Rue Royale, Paris after a bread bakery was burnt in 1861. Louis-Ernest Ladurée started it and gave the interiors to the famous Jules Chéret . The invention of double decker macarons was started by Pierre Desfontaines, Louis-Ernest Ladurée’s grandson in 1930. From here onwards Ladurée never looked back. Being a prestigious bakery not only in France but London, Monaco, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Ireland, USA, Brazil, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Unfortunately in my very short trip (by short I mean 24 hours literally) to Paris. I did not get time to visit Ladurée. Will hopefully next time. But till then I have decided to bring the essence of Ladurée home, if that is possible. I realized I like to bring everything home, first Le Cordon Bleu and now Ladurée. (Face palm).Back to the book.

This cookbook is simply awesome. Even if you don’t cook. You need this book. It is a feast for your eyes. It makes you want go to the airport, book the next flight to Paris and go straight to Ladurée and eat everything there. Seriously the recipes are so elegant and luxurious in it. If you love to cook specially desserts and especially french desserts. You NEED this book !!! It has probably every french dessert recipe, at least that I can think of. I just cant wait to go to the kitchen and try a few things. This is a celebration book. When you have an elegant party/high tea or have invited your boss for dinner. This is the book for you. Parisaholics like me will for sure just keep staring at the book like it is priceless or something.

It covers all the recipes from Macarons (obviously), variety of small cakes, large cakes, pastries, tea cakes and confections. Adding to the wonderful collection is custards, cremes and puddings. Delicious tarts and tartlets, frozen & fruit desserts, drinks, biscuits & cookies. Completing the book with an amazing section of basic recipes which has everything you ever wanted. The recipes are by famous Ladurée pastry chef Philippe Andrieu. This book will stimulate your taste buds with its beautiful pictures. The food photography is done by Sophie Tramier and food styling by Christèle Ageorges. The book is translated in English by Kerrin Rousset. Cook or no cook you will definitely want to try and make the recipes in this book. I can’t wait to try and enjoy my “Paris feeling” at home.

Unboxing snaps follows –

It comes in an elegant cardboard box.


The book inside is wrapped with purple colored paper.


The book size is small but the cute and the chicness in it is perfect. The hardcover is covered with velvet.


The pages are thick with beautiful and amazing pictures of each recipe. The recipes are given with perfect detailing and with each recipe there is a chef’s tip.

All in all amazing book to have. Can’t wait to try all the recipes !!!


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