UK Diaries Part II – London

London !!! Finally. I was there. I use to dream about Hyde Park, Self ridges, Harrods and Oxford Street (yes mostly shopping destinations) and I was there. We reached in the afternoon and obviously we didn't waste a minute. We reached our hotels, left our bags and left for Oxford Street straightway. The endless shops … Continue reading UK Diaries Part II – London


Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes

Great things come in small packages... Same line goes for Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes. Ladurée is a french bakery with delicious luxurious pastries and world famous macarons. The first store was established in 1862 at Rue Royale, Paris after a bread bakery was burnt in 1861. Louis-Ernest Ladurée started it and gave the interiors … Continue reading Ladurée: Sucre / The Sweet Recipes