Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

Wow! It has been a year. A year full of food, fun and meeting fantastic people. It is ToxicBaker’s 1st anniversary. I posted my introductory post a year back and I am going to write a short thank you post today. It has been a fabulous journey and for that I would like to thank Sameer Malkani from Food Bloggers Association India FBAI for introducing me to this wonderful world of blogging and fellow foodies. This past year I have met some amazing people, sharing the same love for food as me or in some cases more. Every single moment has been amazing from writing, baking and the foodie meets (which are talked about abundantly on twitter)

My knowledge on food has increased tenfold. I went places, I never went before. I came to know about dishes, I never knew existed. I tasted some of the best food in the city. I feel privileged with the special treatment sometimes you receive as a blogger simultaneously making you humble and supportive towards others. Blogging is not only writing about passion. Blogging is belonging to this epic community, who not only share the same passion, but also love and support you like family.

Blogging has changed me and I am loving this change. I hope to blog more this year and meet new people and absolutely have more fun than last. Lastly thank you all my readers love you guys. Also a big hug to my all my bloggers/foodie friends for all your love and support.


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