Jumping into Happiness at Hopipolla

Hopipolla in Icelandic means “jumping into puddles” but I think Hopipolla in Khar, Mumbai has a new meaning “jumping into happiness.” A while back, on a Saturday night I was invited to the launch of Hopipolla at Khar, Mumbai through FBAI Food Bloggers Association India. Honestly I didn’t do much research on the place. All I knew that it was already up and running in Bangalore and Pune. The event was said to have food tasting, Beer games and more. So I was expecting a fun evening with my fellow foodies and a fun evening I got.

As I reached and entered the place. The first feeling you get is – it is so open. The interiors of the place is what makes the place come to life. The work is commendable and inspirational. The walls and most of the furniture is white. The ceiling is tall with hanging bright lights. The big walls have huge tinted glass windows which makes it bright and lively even in the night.The indoor and outdoor glass partition just makes the place more grander than it already is.






I absolutely love the idea of the blackboard on the table. It is so cool! There are chalks and duster given on each table to make your imagination go wild and get nostalgic remembering those school days. Now on to my favorite part the wall consisting of books, comic, board games and an old school 32 and 62 bit gaming console. This is the section where all the fun begins.

So you will definitely love the place. They have the perfect chilling out and drinking with your friends ambiance, but do they have the food which will keep you coming back for more. Lets see –

Hummus and Lavash
Hummus and Lavash

It all started with this delicious Hummus and Lavash. I am obsessed with Hummus. If it was up to me I would be having Hummus in every meal. I simply love it. And I definitely loved this one. There were two different types of Lavash served with it, once just plain and simple, and the second a multigrain one which was very tasty. I kept eating and I think I finished the most of it.

Cheese Sticks
Cheese Sticks

Then they served some cheese sticks. Which weren’t exactly those that you take one bite and the melted cheese is just oozing out of it. But they weren’t bad tasting also. A decent dish to order when you craving something fried.

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza topped with Basil leaves were a saver in this dinner. It wasn’t the best I ever tasted but it wasn’t the worst either. I liked the crust and sauce was also good. Basil leaves were a nice touch to it and enhanced the taste more. This one is a definite order if ever you are here.


I really didn’t like this Chicken Satay (I think that was the name) I liked how they served it but the chicken was bland and sauce didn’t help either.

Meatball and Pasta in Tomato sauce
Meatball and Pasta in Tomato sauce

I think this dish could be avoided. I did not like the meatballs at all. It had a very weird stiff texture and taste. Pasta was really okay. And also I like the concept of the spaghetti and meatballs and not Penne and meatballs. I don’t know if the twist was deliberate.

Ginger mocktail with a twist
Ginger mock tail with a twist

I was skeptical to order a ginger mock tail but as I asked the manager to get me what he thinks he is pretty good, I went with it. Surprisingly it tasted pretty good. It had just the perfect amount of ginger. And I would be ordering this again next time.

On the overall food experience I would like to say is that Hopipolla can do better. Though serving an array of dishes but they have to improve on their taste. Some dishes are really nice but others are okay.

But what I really love about this place is the vibe. Some places you just want to go back because you know you are going to have a great time there. And that is what Hopipolla does. All you need is your close friends and a few hours here. I guarantee you will be having an awesome time here.


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