Singapore in 48 Hours – Day 1

So when my brother decided to attend the CanJam meet at Singapore for two days. I decided to tag along with him and explore the city. As I kept hearing about the awesome food scene at Singapore. I couldn’t resist myself. So I booked my ticket and off I was flying to Singapore.

I am the type of person who like to research about the place before I go. Write down the must visit places and must do things. This trip to Singapore was solely for the reason to explore Asian food. I made sure I ate as much as I can. The only problem was I had 2 days! But I was on a mission.

Breakfast –


I reached my hotel early in the morning. I decided to rest for a bit and then leave. I decided to skip breakfast and go for lunch straight, but I couldn’t skip coffee, especially when you have a Nespresso machine in your room. I would say even if you don’t drink coffee, start drinking. After having my cup of superb coffee, I left to explore.

I was staying at Royal Plaza on Scotts Road. Which is 30 seconds walk away from Orchard Street. Orchard Street is like the Oxford Street of London. If you are a shopper, you have to go there. Go there even if you are a foodie. Any big mall in Singapore has a great food hall. You will get almost everything there which is a must have in Singapore. And the food court is extremely cheap.


So morning went on the exploring the malls. Then came lunch.

Lunch –

Now I would like to mention, you may get lost in the malls. The malls are so huge and they all are interconnected underground. So well lets say I did loose my way once or twice but in my defense it was in search of food. I could not find the food court and I was too hungry to walk around more. So I spotted a couple of restaurants. I decided on one and went in.

Nara Thai was my choice. Nara has been voted one of Thailand’s best restaurants since 2006. I saw beef on the menu and just went inside. Because I knew what I was going to order.



The menu was vast. But when you are alone and not tasted beef since I don’t know how long. The choice is easy. I went for Nua Yang Jim Jaew – Spicy Grilled Beef with Tamarind Sauce along with Kao An Chan – Blue Jasmine Rice.

The beef with tamarind sauce was delicious. Jasmine Rice was perfect. The portion was huge for me. I ate as much I could. Craving for beef was finally fulfilled and I was ready to hit the next place. Do try Nara if in Singapore or Thailand as the menu has some great dishes I could not try more stuff because I was eating alone, hence it didn’t make sense for me order so much and let it go to waste.

Tea Time –

My new obsession is Japanese Desserts. Hence I made a point to myself to go to a Japanese Cafe and try as many desserts as I can. I went to Hashida Garo. Along with desserts and teas they serve breakfast and lunch also.


I reached there and got to business. I ordered three Wagashi which is Japanese term for tea time desserts, and a tea.

1 – Mochi


Rice cake stuffed with fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Ganache. Mochi was soft. It had very subtle flavors unlike the dessert we eat. It was just perfectly sweet enough.

2 – Merlion Monaka


Wafer filled with homemade kaya, white bean, white chocolate and miso. This was heavenly. The wafer was crisp and the filling with the kaya jam was mind blowing. I loved this so much that I even took some as takeaways.

3 – Chocolate Yokan


Thick, jellied dessert made with red bean paste, chocolate and sea salt. This was so sinful. I usually don’t like chocolate desserts except chocolate cake. But this changed my mind. The combination of chocolate and red bean was excellent. And the sea salt was the icing on the cake. Every bite was pleasure.

4 – Ureshino Green Tea

I would totally recommend the green tea with the desserts. The desserts are not that sweet but when you have them along with the tea. It brings out a balanced taste on your palate, which is marvelous.

Evening –


For an evening snack I had the Curry Puffs from Old Chang Kee which is running its outlet since 1956. Curry Puff is basically Puff with an almost Samosa type shell but bigger filled with Chicken and Potato Curry. It is really good and tasty. And a must have if you happen to spot it. Almost like a Cornish Pasty but with a lot more flavor.

Dinner –

It was time for crab! I am not much of a sea food eater, but if it is a must have then I will make an exception. Hence dinner was at the much acclaimed Jumbo Seafood. Now this may be on the slightly expensive side but it is definitely a must have.


I had the Pepper Crab which was splendid. It was packed with flavors. The Chilli Crab and the Pepper Crab are its star dishes. I was suggested the Pepper Crab as the Chilli Crab is supposedly sweet. But you have to try it.

That was it! That was Day 1 now stay tuned for Day 2.


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